Then you and I beside this stream shall lie

With all our kindred sparkling in the sand

While flowers open to another day

And pledge our troth of freedom to the sky

© David Anirman 2011 excerpted from "Shusaydu"

Masques is a classical poetic treatment of the dramatic events occurring around the world from 2001 to 2004, focusing on the mistakes, misdeeds, and misanthropy of the United States government and the entrenched interests supporting it. The work is a political polemic whose dynamic can be summed up in the title:
Masques: Poems of Privilege, Pillage, and the New World Order

Ah! my friends, but such mountains
Places where Gebgaia fountains
Up as lovely visions playing
With the people there displaying
All their wealth as offerings
For the blessings all this brings
Now demolished, ripped apart
By the military's art
As if the horrors bred by war
Weren't somehow somewhere somewhat more
Then what we're not allowed to see
In the news shows on TV

Let me tell you of those caves
They were first by Shiva made
For His contemplations of
Great renown and earthly love
As ascetic god who led
Others to these caves and said
Live here, love here
Be contented
With your souls tightly cemented
To my own, here, through the earth
In these caves of solemn worth
Which no longer praise the skies
Because they have been pulverized

© David Anirman 2002 exerpted from "Masques: Poems of Privilege, Pillage, and the New World Order "

5.0 out of 5 stars “Just as powerful in today’s political climate! Don't be put off by the time period mentioned in the "Book Description" -- this is deep powerful political thinking just as relevant for today! For fans of both dark political prose and spiritual haiku; this belongs on every Anarchist's bookshelf.” 

White Buffalo Woman

Over the centuries, Christians have seen countless visions of the Virgin Mary; Hindus have seen Kali; Taoists, Kuan Yin; Buddhists, Tara.  On the great plains of North America, the yin of our species appeared as White Buffalo Woman.  At that time, the tribes were continually at war with one other, fighting over hunting grounds, places to camp, and revenge for what the fighting had already wrought.  One day, from a summer encampment, the people saw a stupendous cloud on the horizon.  The old chief and medicine man conferred with medicine woman and sent two young braves to investigate the marvel.  The bravehearts crossed the horizon and discovered the cloud was of dust from the hoofs of an immense herd of buffalo.  As they gazed in wonder one buffalo came out of the cloud and stood for a moment looking across at them.  It was a great white buffalo, and as the cloud again enveloped him, it took on sun colors, purple shadows, and beguiling forms.  Rising majestically into the sky it formed itself into the shape of an exquisitely beautiful woman.  The one braveheart saw the apparition as the mystical Lady of the Great Spirit, radiantly pure and shining.  The other braveheart saw her as a voluptuous seductress and opened to her embrace.  In that moment of shared intensity, time itself unfolded as future.  Both bravehearts were perfectly satisfied.  As the cloud settled back to earth, the braveheart who had seen the vision of the spiritual goddess ascended to heaven.  The other who had embraced her as lover, settled with her and dissolved into earth.  Is this not marvelous?  Were not both bravehearts equally blessed?  Are not they both the same man?  The braveheart who returned to earth went to where the white buffalo had stood, and found there a pipe of sacred red stone, twined with sinews, beaded with turquoise, and adorned with feathers.  His brother who had come back from heaven was beside him.  “It is the peace pipe of White Buffalo Woman,” he said.  “Let us take it to the village and tell the others.” 

White Buffalo Woman

Creature of dust

Lady of Starshine

Lady of Lust

Remember the bravehearts

Who came out to see

Visions of loveliness

Woven of thee


White Buffalo Woman

Radiant Light

Lovely transparency

Mystically bright

Sing your love songs

To bravehearts who listen

Sparkle their minds

And you be the glisten


White Buffalo Woman

Virtue and vice

Lady of Fire

Lady of Ice

Bravehearts are restless

Quiet their din

Be always the lady

They long to be in


White Buffalo Woman

Mother of trust

Lady of Diamond

Lady of Rust

Conjure with earth life

A wondrous show

The triumph of bravehearts…

The slain buffalo


White Buffalo Woman

Spirit of Light

Lady of Brilliance

Lady of Night

Be love for your bravehearts

Who love only you

Graciously being

All other ones too


White Buffalo Woman

Skyscape of Dreams

Lady of Sugars

Lady of Creams

Spread wide the sky

As this canvas of yours

Paint all your bravehearts

Display your allures


White Buffalo Woman

Pipe of red stone

Feathered ancestor

Tobacco of bone

Let your smoke curl

To heaven and be

Flesh of our flesh

The presence of thee


White Buffalo Woman

Immaculate birth

Lady of Heaven

Lady of Earth

Bravehearts dissolve

Like your cloud into you

Filling the void

With your beauteous view

©David Anirman 1999

Portrait of the Poet by RubyLee

Portrait of the Poet by RubyLee