A POET: David Anirman

Silhouettes of dreamtime drape the seasons of the night

Outlined by a promise in a haze of purple light

Premonitions of a universe where life is called “to be”

And I remain invincible before the dawn of me.


Give me depth of meaning in a mistiness of mind

Hide the inconceivable in all that can be signed

Carve me windowed hexagrams through what I am may see

And leave a diamond passage through the firmament of me


Make a world that’s beautiful and clothe it with your smile

Let me live in love with life and linger there awhile

Clone my being now and then and sparkle it with lights

Lead me through the labyrinths that code your trackless heights


Make a tryst with truthfulness and hold me in its spell

Kindle sparks of heaven in the worriedness of hell

Tease me with the knowledge that all I’m not is me

And wake me in the morning when I’ve crossed eternity

© 1989 David Anirman